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​Mojo Blend​​

Made with Bioluminescent mushrooms
Produces up to 700 ppm of CO2.
Desinged for 4x4 foot or 128 cubic foot space


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Bayou Blend

Made with Blue Oyster mushrooms.

Produces up to 1500 ppm of CO2.
Designed for 4x4 foot or 128 cubic foot space.

Caribbean Blend

Made with Reishi mushrooms. 
Produces up to 1200 ppm of CO2.

Designed for 4x4 ft. 


Fungal spores are everywhere: in the air, in substrates, ... and they await the conditions to spread and attack organic substances such as seeds or the roots. Common fungal infections are pythium and fusarium. Young seedlings are also prone to such infections because their cell tissue is very soft. SMS is sterilized for 10 hours at normal pressure 10% bran and calcium carbonate is added to adjust the pH of the substrate to 8-9. After sterilization the pH changes to reach the optimum level for plant growth of 6.5-7.0. SMS Is a custom mix of high-nutrient sterilized spent mushroom substrate. It boosts production in fruit and fruit-bearing vines and also serves as an excellent base for tent germinating and flowering."How To Use It???"

Take 8-10 cm/3-4” (diameter) pots and fill with Mastergrow SMS Grow Medium . Press the Medium slightly down and make a 1,5 cm/0,6” deep hole with a pencil or finger. Place the seed in a horizontal position in the hole (this is the easiest method). Fill the hole and gently tap down the Medium. Use chlorine free water (preferably good mineral water without gas) with a pH of 6-6.5 to water the pots. The Medium should be uniformly moist and properly watered, but not soggy or waterlogged. The pots or tray should also not stand in a tray filled with water. Use a spoon or small beaker to dosage properly if you are unsure and want to avoid accidentally over watering the Medium. Put the pots or tray at a warm location and ideally under lighting. Temperatures at 25°C/75°F or higher accelerate germination. Take care that the Medium does not dry out and don’t stand in the cold (ie. at or under 21°C/70°F). Within 3-7 days the seedlings should appear out of the Medium. You can switch on your lamps during germination to provide warmth or when the first seedlings appear. Since they might also grow out of the medium during the night it's best to have lighting switched on 24 hrs. Happy Growing.. The Mad Scientist.  

Hot tip: to prevent the cubes from sitting in water put some perlite at the bottom of the tray for drainage.



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